Today, the real estate industry in India has become one of the major investment sectors. This industry is playing an important role in the formation of the country's economy in the present situation

There are various developments and elevations which are taking place in the real estate sector with more number of apartments in India and owning to this, it is growing on a fast pace. Various factors are responsible for the growth of this sector and its emerging trends. There are few countries which are witnessing a high rise whereas few countries are witnessing a downfall in this sector.

Another key factor for the development of real estate in India is the kind of policies adopted by the government to enable easy investments in the industrial and the economic sector. In the past few years, the government of India has adopted a new stand regarding the foreign direct investment (FDI) policies which encourages other countries to invest in Indian properties.

The real estate in India is the second most favored destination for the FDI and the country has attracted three times the foreign investment in the past years. The reason for the sudden surge in the Indian real estate is the positive outlook of the Indian government.

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